Remember and Honor Event

The veterans who sacrificed their lives for their country event.

American Lebanese Cultural and research Center at Memorial Weekend, highlighted the sacrifices of fallen Lebanese soldiers who served Lebanon and the United States in a heartwarming exhibition at the cultural center.

Mrs. Georgette Daniel was asked to express her feeling toward the Cultural Center, and the Memorial Day weekend where she faced a shocking experience from her childhood! She wrote; the heart grows when walking into the American Lebanese Cultural Center that Her Excellency, Dr. Siham Ibrahim founded.

What a joy to see the displays of traditional instruments, household items, and folk attire, all things from my childhood. How gratifying to see photos of Baalbak, Jeita Grotto and the emblematic Cedars commemorated on every wall. What a wonderful moment to see my country, Lebanon, is celebrated in a way that could teach future generations of our Lebanese children and American newcomers about the beauty of our cultural heritage.

Most recently, I made a special visit on Memorial Day and was greeted with a beautiful tribute to the Lebanese army and American Marines that gave their lives for Lebanon. It was sobering to hear that there were five thousand photographs of servicemen, most of them far too young, who made the ultimate sacrifice for our beloved Lebanon.

While many could rightfully think of this as a somber occasion, I couldn’t help but have pride and gratitude for these heroes. And all of them were memorialized through the dedication of her Excellency Dr.Siham Ibrahim and Mrs.Jeanne D’arc Yasmine. In the discussion about their thoughtful memorial, I learned that the project included all of our fallen soldiers since our Lebanese army was first formed in 1945. This sparked my curiosity because I have a second cousin, Lieutenant Abdo Gebrayel, who gave his life for our beautiful country in the war of 1973. These wonderful ladies found his photograph and pointed him out for me to see.

It was none other than the very picture that I remember him by, the one that hung on so many walls throughout my childhood. I had been told the story of his bravery so many times; how he had been killed while trying to save a group of soldiers ambushed during the war. How tearfully emotional it was to see it here, remembered among all these noble heroes! His death devastated the family and although I was too young at the time, now I understand how terrible it was to lose an honorable young man, a new father who never met his son.

Understanding this now is the very reason why the hard work done by her excelle ncy Dr.Siham Ibrahim is so important to us all. We all have cousins, brothers, fathers, nephews, and friends who stood to defend Lebanon. Although it is sad to know that so many of them fell, the work being done at the Lebanese center let them know that they are not being forgotten. Our beautiful culture is being preserved and celebrated here for us now, and for our grandchildren later.
God bless,
Georgette Danial

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