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A Brief Overview

Our Goal is to provide educational programs for the American Lebanese Community by collaborating with Not-For-Profit organizations in the USA to meet the needs of the most unfortunate in Lebanon.

American Lebanese Joint Civic Association

In understanding what it means to be Lebanese today, it is easy to overlook what our ancestors accomplished and contributed to the world. Therefore, the ALJCA honors the Lebanese heritage and culture by planning programs that aim to preserve Lebanese history for generations to come.

American Lebanese Joint Civic Association

Our goal then is to provide educational programs for the community through collaboration with other Not-For-Profit Corporations.

Our Vision

Unite and Preserve:
Our vision is to unite and preserve the American Lebanese culture through art, music, and other cultural expressions that represent the American-Lebanese community.
Promote Diversity and Inclusion:
We want to promote diversity and inclusion by building relationships among other cultures and celebrating diversity.
Respond to Community Needs:
Our goal is to present the community with health awareness, financial seminars, and leadership seminars.

American Lebanese Joint Civic Association

Board Of Directors


Dr. Siham Ibrahim


Br. James Gaffney, FSC


Br. Thomas Johnson, FSC

Joseph Karam - square

Atty. Joseph Karam Jr.


Rhonda Kodjayan

Anne Marie Bashour - square

Ann Marie Daher, PhD


Costa Yasmine

Sabah Ajami

Sabah Ajami


Samar Makhlouf, PhD

New Projecteli

Dr. Eli Ayoub

New Projectphi

Dr. Phillip Salem

New Projectshaaaai

Dr. Samir Shala

New Projectnadi

Nadin Aoun


Pierre Chalela

New ProjecthA

John Bou-habib


Testimonials from the first generation young American Lebanese Who expressed their feeling of the importance of having a cultural center for the Lebanese community in the Chicago area. As a first-generation Lebanese American, I grew up listening to my father's stories about his home in his village, his fun nights in Beirut, and his experiences at historical landmarks. These stories always resonated with me because they gave me cultural insight. Nevertheless, being so far away from my roots can inevitably create a sense of disconnection to Lebanon. I see this Cultural Center as a tool to bridge the gap between Lebanese culture, history, individuals, and myself. I will be able to network with other young and successful Lebanese Americans. I will have access to Lebanese history on an in-depth level through entertaining events and guest speakers. I am also excited about the cultural center enlightening me about the abundance of unique Lebanese traditions and accomplishments. This is important because I believe that we add value to our lives when we embrace the history that has led us here.


At a time where the world is aching in divide and conflict, the mission of the American Lebanese Joint Civic Association brings about a breath of "fresh air," a much-needed effort to reunite and preserve the American Lebanese culture. By promoting diversity and inclusion and responding to community needs, ALJCA promises to strengthen the ties within the American Lebanese community as well as help spread awareness by creating a solid network for the community. Looking forward to celebrating the many accomplishments ahead!


A Lebanese cultural center would allow us the opportunity to share our traditions and history. By having this cultural center here in Chicago, it can reignite others passion to learn more about their heritage and background.


I believe a Lebanese culture center would bring about important awareness to the Lebanese community as a whole, and specifically to the Chicago land area community. It would allow us to showcase our culture and heritage to the rest of the cultures and nationalities found in Chicago while passing on important traditions and history for generations to come.


The Lebanese culture and traditions are things that I deeply value and would like to learn more about. As a first-generation Lebanese, born and raised in Chicago, I would love the opportunity to learn more about my roots. A Lebanese Cultural Center would give others like me the opportunity to learn more about Lebanon, its history, and all the things that make it beautiful.